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Shannon and Brennan Goodman

November 24th, 2018

Square 8 Studio Photography

“Mariah was an amazing wedding coordinator. Mariah is sweet, caring, and creative. She makes you feel like you are best friends the first time you meet her.”

“She kept us on time the whole night, telling us where we need to be and where everything was happening. She also told all the guest where they need to be. It was such a great stress reliever!”

Square 8 Studio Photography

“She managed all the details leading up to the wedding day and on the day of the wedding. If there was a problem, Mariah took care of it quickly and quietly; allowing my husband and I to enjoy our wedding to the fullest.”

“We would highly recommend Mariah. She will ensure that you have the wedding you always dreamed of.” -Shannon Goodman

Square 8 Studio Photography

Shannon and Brennan are one of the most relaxed couples I have met. They were so down for anything and everything that comes with having a wedding, and they stayed smiling through it all! Their joy and love for one another can be seen by everyone they meet!

I loved to see just how happy they were, just by celebrating their marriage with their friends and family. It was such a FUN wedding! I don’t remember one person who wasn’t having fun throughout the whole day! And I am so grateful to have been a huge part of the Goodman wedding as their wedding coordinator!

Square 8 Studio Photography

Ceremony Venue

Dove Ridge Vineyard 817-444-8172


Blue Mesa Catering 817-332-6372


Amuse Bake Shop 214-695-9391


Vivienne and Vine 405-551-0131


Square 8 Studio 678-557-8865


eMotion Entertainment 325-518-7358


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