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Katherine and Mike Avila

May 28th 2021

Copper and Pearl Photography

“Y’all!! Let me tell you about Mariah. She is dedicated, driven by a passion, so, so kind, so amazing and helpful. I could go on and on! I reached out to Full Bloom Events the WEEK of my wedding. She responded immediately after I reached out. She got all the information from me she needed. Such as vendors, names of my family, & bridal party. She asked my vision and what I wanted. Then she took it and ran. Within the first day of talking to her she already had a very detailed timeline for our day. She got a hold of all my vendors for me and made sure everyone knew where to be and when!! She even worked until late in the night to make sure everything was perfect! There is nothing I would change about this service. EVEN from Colorado she helped make our day perfect!!! EVERYONE needs to look in to this amazing company. Thank you so, so much for helping make our dreams come true.” -Katherine Avila

Have I mentioned that I love my job? Because I do. Big time. I feel so fortunate to do what I love every day, and one of the very best things about it is working with the most wonderful people!

Copper and Pearl Photography

These two. Are seriously amazing. Their love story, their relationship, and the crew of family & friends that surround them are all inspiring. Everything, and everyone all came together so beautifully for their wedding celebration in Abilene, TX!

We literally love everything about this wedding, and this couple! We invite you to check out the pretty pics (and the fabulous tear-jerking video!) and feel the love for this Texas wedding!

Copper and Pearl Photography
Copper and Pearl Photography

I have had the pleasure of knowing the bride, Katherine, for years after working together in our youth, so when she contacted me to plan an intimate and elegant timeline all the way from Colorado, of course I was thrilled to help!

Mike and Katherine, thank you for letting Full Bloom Events be a part of this special celebration! We’re so glad you’re living your happily ever after!

Copper and Pearl Video


Coordinator: Kaylie Harris, 850-496-3551

Timeline Designer: Mariah Juarez, Full Bloom Events, 325-232-5459

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Sabrina Cedars, 325-338-4357

Caterer: Cotton Patch, 325-691-0509

Desserts: Cakes by Birdie, Michelle, 325-829-7018

Florist: Fussy Chicks, 325-668-1817

Photographer/Videographer: Copper and Pearl, 325-267-0442

DJ/Music: eMotion Entertainment, Eric Logan, 325-518-7358

Hair Stylist for Bride: April, 325-669-9221

Hair Stylist for Bridesmaids: Hereditary, @her_editary


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