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Vendor Spotlight!!!

Name: Shalayne Mowry

Services: Live Painting and Portraiture

Location: Spearfish, South Dakota

Shalayne Mowry Art

Why does FBE love this vendor?

I recently met Shalayne on Facebook on the “Colorado Wedding Network” page and just KNEW I had to learn more about her amazing business. I absolutely love live painters and how memorable the experience is for everyone at weddings, especially the bride and groom. This is wonderful and unique idea for any couple getting married!

Why did you get into the wedding industry?

I have a good friend who owns an elopement company out of Las Vegas. We got to talking and brainstorming and decided to offer my portraits as an add on option for her couples. As I looked into art in the wedding industry more, I learned about live painting and decided to go for it! 

How long have you been in business?

6 months for live painting. 

How many events have you worked on?

2 events live, 20 past weddings/elopements.

Explain your services.

If a couple hires me to paint live, I go to their event and paint their chosen “moment” while the event is taking place. I embrace an impressionistic style to capture the energy and movement of the day. If they hire me to paint a past wedding/elopement, they can either choose to have it done in a live painting (impressionistic) style, or as a more up-close, detailed portrait that focuses on the couple rather than the entire event (you can see some examples on my website:).

What makes you different from other vendors in the same field?

I have not seen that many other live painters working in the wedding industry offer close up portraiture. My services also range in price, so if a couple loves the idea of having a live painting done but can’t work it into their budget, they might find a portrait painting or illustration to be more affordable. 

What does it look like when a client books with you? Do you travel?

Yes, I am happy to travel! When someone books a live painting with me, we discuss which moment they want to have captured on canvas. My personal favorites are the moments with movement: walking down the aisle for the first time as a married couple, the first dance, etc. I arrive one-two hours before the moment to set up and will work on the painting at the event for an additional 3-5 hours. Guests absolutely love popping over to see the progress! I finish up the painting at home and ship it to the couple. 

Where are some of the cool places your job has taken you?

I live painted for an elopement in the woods here in the Black Hills. It was beyond magical. I am looking forward to traveling for live painting in the upcoming year! 

What is your favorite wedding song? What is your favorite wedding trend?

I am a sucker for Shania Twain, so I’d have to say Forever and For Always. As for something a little more upbeat, You Make My Dreams Come True. Live Painting, of course! 🙂

If you could only give one piece of advice for the bride and groom’s reading, what would it be?

My advice would be to consider which investments will help you be present and cherish your big day for years to come! 

Find their social media, contact information, and website below:

Phone: 6055692004



Facebook: Shalayne Mowry Art

Instagram: shalaynemowry


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