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Kayleigh and Matthew Rody

August 21st 2021

Callie Ring Photography

“I don’t think that I could pick the best thing about our wedding day- but let me tell you- Mariah was one of those best things!!! She did more than I could ask for, went above and beyond and if something went wrong I didn’t even know it!! She beautifully and strategically put our day in motion and never at any point showed that she was stressed about anything going on (she’s got a killer game face and by game face I mean the kindest, most thoughtful game face).”

Callie Ring Photography

“Her attention to detail, organization, professionalism, and kindness made me feel no stress about the day. From the moment we met at the rehearsal she felt like a best friend, but one that gets stuff done, like gets it done and does it perfectly. You can’t be your wedding planner on your wedding day and I was happy to give that task to Mariah because I knew she had our backs and saw our vision.”

Callie Ring Photography

“Y’all if you’re on the fence about picking a coordinator. Pick Mariah. You will NOT be disappointed, you will be so so happy with your decision for your big day!” – Kayleigh Kochevar

Callie Ring Photography

What a STUNNING couple!!! I am forever so grateful for this Red Feather Lakes wedding. Kayleigh and Matt got married at their parent’s cabin and there could not have been a more perfect place. There was so much beautiful scenery that made it the perfect spot for for the Rody wedding. Everything was absolutely breathtaking!! Kayleigh did an amazing job putting together the perfect elements for the perfect wedding (pretty much everything was DIYed; girl has major talent!!). These two are surrounded by so many loved ones that gave their time to help out with wedding set up, and not only that, but each and every person in their family makes you feel like you are THEIR family. I had so much fun and felt so much love on this day. Everyone that showed up was so happy for this couple; it was so amazing to be able to see them enjoy their day. Kayleigh and Matt are such phenomenal human beings and I was honored to help give them the wedding of their dreams! Cheers to a long life together, and for the best marriage in the world!!

Callie Ring Photography

Here’s Kayleigh Kochevar and Matt’s wedding video! We are so honored to have played a part in this gorgeous wedding day! #sobeautiful #bestdayever #rodywedding

Glasshouse Wedding Videos


Coordinator: Mariah Juarez; Full Bloom Events, 325-232-5459

Desserts: The Dessert Stand, 303-550-9726

Florist: Tracy Goodman, Lehrer Flowers 303-455-1234

Photographer: Callie; Callie Ring Photography, 254-534-1120

Videographer: Adrienne and Hayden; Glasshouse Wedding Videos, 213-357-0958

DJ: Gilbert Salazar, 970-673-3479

Hair Stylist: Nicole (stylist); Colorado Bridal Company, 970-581-4883

Makeup Artist: Kate; Beauty by Kate, 970-518-9085

Caterer: Lauren; Pioneer Catering, 307-214-8455

Right before the ceremony, we had to get a group pic!

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