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Vendor Spotlight!!!

Name: eMotion Entertainment 

Services: Event Consultation and Planning, Professional Disc Jockey services, Event Direction, Live Music options

Location: Abilene, Texas

Why does FBE love this vendor?

I had the pleasure of learning about the wedding industry from Eric and from his DJ point of view. Not only did Eric teach me all the basics to when it comes to a wedding, but he also taught me about professionalism, the importance of someone’s wedding day, and that you must go above and beyond for the client always. Not only is this a great business that will fulfill all your DJ wishes, but this is a business that is near and dear to my heart.

Why did you get into the wedding industry? I became a mobile DJ after five years as a radio and club DJ. Once I began helping couples with their wedding celebrations, I realized how rewarding it is to provide a service that really can make a positive difference for them.

How long have you been in business? 30 years!

How many events have you worked on? Haven’t seriously thought about that…over 300…

Explain your services. We offer a unique approach to our clients, our wedding clients particularly. We assist with reception planning for each couple with focuses on time management, efficiency and a happy overall atmosphere. We offer a two-person team approach to each wedding. Our clients receive a Master of Ceremonies/Event Director and professional DJ. Our clients have the luxury of an event director taking care of the timeline and being the spokesperson and a DJ looking out for all aspects of atmosphere.

What makes you different from other vendors in the same field? Our two-person team approach is quite unique for our industry. I dare say that our caring for our clients and desire for each event to be outstanding is also unique. Our contracts are also not based upon how long the celebration lasts like most DJ services. Another small factor is that we are always well dressed for our events.

What does it look like when a client books with you? Do you travel? We offer a No-Cost Consultation to each potential client to discuss their needs, desires, and details of their celebration. We then discuss our service options that would be beneficial to them and offer them a quote for our services. We spend several hours meeting with our couples and planning prior to the wedding date to prepare. Yes, we are happy to travel wherever we are needed to service our clients. We are based in Texas, but I believe wedding couples in Colorado would benefit greatly from our expertise.

What is your favorite wedding song? What is your favorite wedding trend? I thoroughly enjoy when a wedding couple choices to do things out of the ordinary. That’s one of the perks of our planning time. Talking about options that are reflective of the couple’s personalities.

If you could only give one piece of advice for the bride and groom’s reading, what would it be? Make no mistake, the one who controls the mic, controls the atmosphere. Make sure you know and trust the actual person who will control the tempo and the feel of your special day.

Find their social media, contact information, and website below: 

Phone:  325-518-7358





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