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Kalsey and Anel Lilic

Lilic Wedding

September 4th, 2021

Kalsey and Anel got married to a themed Gatsby wedding at the Mining Exchange in Colorado Springs and what a beautiful wedding it was. Sometimes my brides throw me a curveball and are way more chill than I am ever expecting. Not only did Kalsey have a chill mind throughout the whole entire planning process but she also had a huge smile on her face the whole entire day of her wedding! This was such a fun group, from the hooping and hollering at the ceremony, to one of the groomsmen losing his phone and when I found it everyone cheering, to the break-dances that happened that night, this day was so much fun and was full of such wonderful vendors! Thank you Kalsey and Anel for letting me be a part of such a special day of your life, and forever bringing joy to the small business. Cheers to all the years!!!

Lilic Wedding


Coordinator: Mariah Juarez; Full Bloom Events, 325-232-5459

Officiant: Hannah Aragoni; Making Relationships Thrive in Denver, CO. 720-588-0542

Wedding Venue /Caterer /Bartender: David York; The Mining Exchange, 719-323-2007

Desserts: Paige; Sugarplum Bake Shoppe, 719-930-3343

Photographer: Melany McKnight Photography, 719-659-5860

Videographer: Zach; Iconic Imaging, 719-217-3088

DJ/Music: Brian; HEPS DJ, 719-573-0627

Lilic Wedding

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