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Vendor Spotlight!!!

Name: Vanessa Tebedo

Services: Personal Trainer, Competition Prep Coach, Body transformations, PCOS weight loss

Location: Colorado Springs/Peyton

Why does FBE love this vendor?

Vanessa is one of the most caring people I have ever met. Not only that, but she is definitely the toughest chick around! For anyone wanting to just get in shape for their wedding, start a healthy diet program, or even just if you need a challenge, Vanessa is your go-to-girl for anything fitness related. Check out her Instagram page for all kinds of fitness inspiration!!

How long have you been in business? I have owned my own training business for 7 Years , I have been in the fitness/bodybuilding world for 10 years.

Explain your services. I help Men and women meet their weight loss goals. That could be body transformation, Bodybuilding shows, Help with hormones and getting their body back on track. I provide custom meal plans and workouts to fit their needs and go over blood work to make sure hormones and thyroid are inline to help us obtain their goals.

What makes you different from other vendors in the same field? I am different because I take a look at the clients blood work, trainers are not taught to do this. However, coming from a bodybuilding background where so many things are manipulated, I have learned to keep an eye on hormones, thyroid and gut functions. If your hormones, thyroid and gut functions are out of line , it will make weight loss and muscle gain very hard .

What does it look like when a client books with you? Do you travel? The client and I will set up a time to meet at my Home where I train most of my clients. We will go over everything in great detail and if they are ready to book, then i will take measurements and go over contract with them then. We also will set up training appointment times at that appointment.

What is your favorite wedding song? Mama Song by Carrie Underwood

What is your favorite wedding trend? Farmhouse trend

If you could only give one piece of advice for the bride and groom’s reading, what would it be? ALways make time to communicate and reconnect daily. FIghts/arguments should be resolved right away, not left to fester.

Find their social media, contact information, and website below:

Phone: 719-271-0169


Facebook: Colorado Iron FitNess

Instagram: Coloradoironfitness


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